Name Category Terms of Office
Date appointed
Terms of Office End
Mrs Judy Anscombe Chair (Community) 1 Sept 2014 September 2018
Ms Cheryl Hill Principal 12 Dec 2012
Mrs Yvonne Barclay Co-opted 12 Dec 2012 December 2016
Mrs Carolyn Ash Parent 12 Dec 2012 December 2016
Mrs Claire Dunne Community 22 July 2014 July 2018
Mrs Cindy Jones Teaching Staff 12 Dec 2012 December 2016
Mrs Shirley Matthews Community 12 Dec 2012 December 2016
Mr Alan Sparrow Vice Chair (Community) 12 Dec 2012 December 2018
Mrs Carol Stuart Non-Teaching Staff 12 Dec 2012 December 2016

Mrs Jill Hambright – Clerk to Governors

(updated: February 2015)


Please access Governing body duties in relation to SEN via the following document.



Meeting Minutes

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NHA-LGB-Minutes 2013-03-13

NHA-LGB-Minutes 2013-07-17

NHA-LGB-Minutes 2013-09-26

NHA-LGB-Minutes 2014-03-26

NHA-LGB-Minutes 2014-07-02

NHA-LGB-Minutes 2014-09-25

NHA-LGB-Minutes 2015-01-14

NHA-LGB-Minutes 2015-04-15